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Unleash Your Professional Potential

Digital badges aren’t just a trend; they’re a dynamic tool that can supercharge your professional path. Here’s why they’re not only cool but also incredibly valuable for anyone aiming to excel in the sports events and tourism industry:

Showcase Your Skills

Picture a polished virtual showcase of your achievements. Digital badges, effortlessly put your skills, certifications, and accomplishments on display, ensuring your expertise takes center stage.

Instant Credibility

These badges aren't just pixels; they're a visual testament to your commitment and competence. They represent your dedication to professional growth and excellence.

Stand Out in Style

In a sea of resumes and profiles, digital badges are your beacon. They are eye catching, setting you apart from the competition and making sure your capabilities don't go unnoticed.

Stay Current

The sports events and tourism industry evolves rapidly, and digital badges keep you up-to-date. As you earn new badges, you're building a live portfolio of your expanding skills and knowledge.

Networking Powerhouse

Badges spark conversations. They're gateways to discussing your experiences, certifications, and expertise, creating instant connections with colleagues, mentors, and potential employers.

Future-Proof Your Career

With the growing recognition of digital credentials, your badges remain relevant as industries shift towards a digital future. They're a wise investment in your professional journey.

See Your Digital Badges Today

In a world where first impressions are crucial, digital badges are your secret weapon, making sure your capabilities are showcased, recognized, and celebrated. Welcome to the future of professional recognition and growth!


Share Your Digital Badges

You worked hard to earn your digital badges, so share them! 

Click the links below to view the short video examples to learn how to share your badges:


The Sports ETA Digital Badging Program is a dynamic and engaging recognition system designed to celebrate your active participation and contributions within the Sports ETA community. It's a fun way to earn digital badges to symbolize your involvement across various Sports ETA activities. These badges showcase your commitment, expertise, and dedication to the sports events and tourism industry, all while adding an enjoyable gamified aspect to your journey with us.

You can earn digital badges by completing specific criteria associated with each individual badge as you engage with Sports ETA. Badges can be earned in each of the four badge categories: Education, Advocacy, Resource, and Networking

For example, you will earn the Fundamentals badge by completing each of the three Certificate Playbook Courses in the Fundamentals Series .

If you would like more details, you can visit each badge category page to learn more about that category and its associated badges.
You can find all the digital badges you have earned on your member profile page. Once you have logged in to your Sports ETA member account, navigate to “My Account” in the top menu bar. Then select “My Badges” along the left side of your screen. Here, you will find all your digital badges.

Digital badges can also be seen in the Member Directory . Here, you can search for and see your and other Sports ETA members’ profiles and earned badges. 
There are no additional costs to participate in the digital badging program. You can participate in the program with a current Sports ETA membership.   

Learn how to become a Sports ETA member today! 

As a Sports ETA member, you're automatically enrolled in the digital badging program. It's our way of adding an exciting dimension to your membership and encouraging active engagement within the Sports ETA member community.

Yes, you will notice that your member profile should already reflect past achievements and completed activities, such as symposium attendance, STS designations, and many others.

Please note that the Sports ETA Digital Badging Program started summer of 2023.

If you feel that you are missing a digital badge for a past achievement or activity, please get in touch with us at Info@SportsETA.org.
No, you will need to be a current member of Sports ETA to be eligible to earn and see the program's digital badges.

Become a Sports ETA Member

However, you can explore Sports ETA’s Sports Tourism Learning Institute for educational offerings. While you may not be eligible for a digital badge, you will still earn a Certificate of Achievement and receive a social media kit to showcase your achievement. Learn more about Sports ETA’s Sports Tourism Learning Institute .

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